Set Dosa Recipe (Sponge Dosa)

Set Dosa, also referred to as Sponge Dosa, is the thick, soft, and floppy Dosa version made of rice, urad Dal along with fenugreek seeds as well as poha as these dosas are served in sets of 3 and are referred to as Set Dosa. Set Dosa. Breakfast is usually served with Coconut Chutney, Potato Masala, and Sagu. Set Dosa is Set Dosa is also sometimes decorated with butter. In this article, I will show you how to make restaurant-style Set Dosa that melts into your mouth.

Set Dosa

If you’re unfamiliar with it, dosa is one of the varieties of lentil crepe that is part of South Indian cuisine, and a variety of varieties are produced across the country. Masala Dosa, Rava Dosa, and Neer Dosa are a few of the most popular dosas.

About Set Dosa

  • The Set Dosa is another variation typically found in Karnataka restaurant menus. A Crispy and thick base with a soft and fluffy top and a porous surface make the Set Dosa so much different from other crisp and thin dosas.
  • The method of preparing dosas is unique and distinct from many other dosa variations. A lesser amount of urad daal, more poha, and rice create a distinctive taste.
  • The methi seeds give the batter an airy texture and a fluffy appearance to the dosa set.
  • To make a good set dosa, ensuring proper fermentation of batter is crucial, or it will not yield a porous and soft dosa.
  • The time for fermentation varies and is dependent upon the conditions of the climate or the season. It is essential to use the same process to ferment the batter we use with dosa and idli batter.
  • At restaurants, you’ll also discover variations of set dosa. Pudi dosa and Pudi masala dosa are two popular variants. “Pudi” means the Kannada term for podi.
  • The Podi Dosa is prepared using the same dosa batter, but they are served in one quantity, not in three dosas in a set. Dosas with these toppings are served with spiced lentils, as seen in the photos.
  • Dosas made of Pudi masala is served with a topping made of podi and potato masala. This version is quite spicy and also delicious.
  • Set dosa is a delicious snack that can be enjoyed by itself or with any Chutney you like or topped with peanut podi.
  • It is possible to eat them as an aperitif anytime during the day, and they can be used in lunch boxes for the office or school. You can serve them for babies older than 10 months old. Make sure not to use the sour flavor if you are making them for a baby.

How do you make Set Dosa?

Set Dosa


  1. Rinse thoroughly, then soak 2 cups of rice (raw or cooked) in a bowl. After that, rinse and soak half a cup of urad daal and 1-half teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in another bowl. Both for five hours. Rinse poha twice or thrice, then let it soak for 10 minutes before you grind the lentils.
  2. Include soaked urad Dal and fenugreek seeds along with 1/2 teaspoon salt that is not iodized and rinse poha into the blender container. If you reside in an extremely humid climate, it is possible to use salt in the future after fermentation.
  3. Mix 1 cup water into a blender and blend until it is smooth and bubbly. If necessary, add additional water. I usually add 1/4-1/2 cups more water. The batter should be transferred to an enormous mixing bowl that can also be used to ferment the batter. Make sure to use a huge bowl.
  4. Blend rice in the JarJar with 1/4-1/2 cup water. Blend to an even texture.
  5. Place this in the bowl that contains the urad dal batter. Combine everything thoroughly until well-mixed. The batter must appear thin and extremely dense and will not survive fermentation.
  6. Set aside and cover in a warm location until it has fermented and is rising well. It usually takes between 8-12 hours, depending upon the temperature. If you are in a cold area, turn on the oven’s light and put it on top of your oven overnight.
  7. Following fermentation, the batter is almost doubled. However, make sure that your batter doesn’t turn off. Check the salt and taste it, then adjust when needed.

Make Set Dosas

  1. A tawa is heated; gently stir the batter until everything is well combined. Check by adding a little water to see if the Tawa’sTawa’s hot. If the TawaTawa is hot, it will sizzle after sprinkling water. Place a ladle of batter onto the TawaTawa, then gently rub it around to spread slightly. It will not be as spread-like as a traditional dosa. Dosas made of this batter is small. The flame on the stove should not be too high, or they will turn brown on the bottom, but they do not cook. If the Tawa’sTawa’s flame isn’t sufficiently hot, you will not have a good sponge dosa. Apply oil to the edges. You can cut it out in case you’re on a low-fat diet.
  2. The set dosa doesn’t cook on the inside because the batter is extremely thin and airy, so cooking it at the bottom will cook in the middle, also. I prefer to cook it covered briefly before removing the lid. It is also a good idea to cook the meats further, making them crispy on the outer aspect. It’s not required. If you’re particular about how you cook it the opposite way, the flipping option is to turn it over and cook the opposite side too.
  3. To finish off, I like sprinkling idli podi, pappu podi, or flax seed podi. This can be done at your discretion.

Serve hot dosa set along with the Chutney of your choice. We enjoyed it with beetroot Chutney.

Pro Tips

Dosa without oil: This batter cooks extremely well for dosa without oils or fats. Dosas that are covered will assist in helping the dosas cook properly and retain their softness. It’s highly recommended that you don’t want to use any oils or fats.

Rice: While I’ve cooked this recipe using just the parboiled rice (idli rice) in the past, with excellent outcomes. Only raw rice or a mixture of cooked and raw rice has been the best choice recently.

Poha: Choose a thicker poha to make this recipe since it is more effective in raising the batter. If you use thin poha, you’ll need more than what is listed in the recipe.

Salt: Adding salt to ferment doesn’t work for everyone and at every time of the year. I prefer adding salt before fermentation as it works for my needs. Make sure to use salt that is not iodized. The iodized salt slows down the fermentation process and prevents the rising of the batter.

Ingredients (Us Cup = 240ml )

  •  2 cups raw rice or rice that has been cooked (like Idli rice, sona masuri, or any other type of rice)
  •  One cup of poha (thick or medium attukulu or Avalakki)
  •  1/2 cup urad Dal (skinned black grams)
  •  1 1/2 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds (menthulu or methi)
  •  1/4 teaspoon salt (more than necessary to make adjustments)
  •  Butter or oil as required

Cooking Steps & Instructions

To make a dosa set, you must place rice into a bowl of large size and then clean it thoroughly a couple of times. It is then soaked in plenty of water for five hours. Incorporate fenugreek and urad dal seeds in a separate bowl and then rinse them several times. Soak them in plenty of water for approximately five hours. Wash poha before making the batter.

The process of making batter:

  1. Remove the liquid from the bowls.
  2. Incorporate urad daal and salt as well as fenugreek seeds, fenugree, and poha in a jar of a blender together with 1 cup of water.
  3. Blend until they are the mixture is bubbly.
  4. If necessary, add additional water to make the batter smooth and fluffy.
  5. Use only a little water. The batter should be simple enough

Pour the batter into the large bowl for the batter. Include rice in the Jar and add 1/4 cup of water. Blend until a smooth and consistent batter. Add this batter to the batter for urad dal. Combine everything until well mixed.


Place the batter in a warm area for 8-12 hours to grow and ferment. It should then rise.

How to prepare Set Dosa?

Incorporate some drops of oil into the Tawa. With a towel or sliced onion, apply the oil evenly. Warm the TawaTawa. Mix the batter with a little. Test the taste and add salt as needed.

Take one ladleful of batter, then dab it lightly to spread the batter. The batter will not make it spread as a regular dosa. Apply oil along the edges.

Cook covered for several minutes until the meat is cooked. Flip it over to cook for an additional moment on the other side.

To make a crisp and crispy dosa:

  1. Reduce the heat and cook it for a few minutes.
  2. Sprinkle the idli podi on top when you can, or serve it hot and with Chutney.
  3. Make more dosa sets on the TawaTawa.

Nutrition Facts (estimation only)

Calories the 98Calories of Fat 9


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